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How To Rise Above Your Circumstances

It has been said, “One who feels it knows it."  Psychologists are able to help others improve their mental health because of their studies and training, and a doctor's knowledge of medicine assists in patients' healing, but no one can truly understand and empathize with the suffering of someone unless that person has experienced it his or herself.  Fiona Harewood knows what it is to be abused physically, mentally, sexually, and emotionally.

Having triumphed over abuse, She finds it fulfilling and rewarding coaching both groups and individuals on a one-on-one basis, helping them to rise above their circumstances and live life as God intended. 

I Did it... You Can Too!


Harewood knows what it’s like going through life with limited education and being barely able to make ends meet because of it.  A friend showed her how going to college and earning a degree could increase her earning potential, enable her to have the career she desired, and set an example for her children and her community.  Harewood is now on the move, daring dropouts to become dream makers, and inspiring current students to persevere to the end of their educational journey.  Since she started this initiative, many have testified to the fact that their lives have been changed, and others have successfully returned to the classroom. 

Recorded Appearances

Recorded Appearances

Breakthrough Success Podcast

Breakthrough Success Podcast

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