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I Did It... You Can Too! Have you ever considered going back to school but thought it would be too hard? Or that you were too old? Or that you simply couldn’t afford it?  I had all the same doubts and fears, but with lots of faith and hard work, I persevered. And so should you!

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In her memoir, River Never Smooth Reclaiming Power After Abuse, the author rolls back the curtains to her deepest failures, hurts and secrets, revealing how she overcame abuse.  In her book she integrates solutions from research, experience, education and faith. Fiona unfurls a workable model to help anyone hurling down the road of abuse, or those who are broken, to reclaim their power even after abuse, emerging overcomers.



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24 Days, Prayer To The Rescue Series is packed with real testimonies of what God has done in the author's life.  She proved that He is a present help in times of trouble, especially while calling on Him to heal her best friend who was diagnosed with cancer.  How does he answer after 24 Days? She encourages you to trust Him in spite of the circumstances – Call on Him today, everyday! 


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